• Frank Pallone

Frank Pallone

Chief Information Security Officer
Vice President – Engineering

Frank brings over 20 years of experience in the technology industry as an innovative and insightful information security leader with additional experience in ITIL, compliance audits, and vendor management.

As an expert in directing strategic planning for security architecture improvements and risk mitigation, Frank oversees risk assessments, monitoring, control processing, evaluation, risk-related training, and audits.   In addition, he manages the design and implementation of the Communication Governance Risk and Compliance plan and the ISO 27001 plan requiring establishment of a continuous process improvement culture. He is also responsible for hiring, training, and supervising IT directors and managers along with cross-functional technology teams.

Frank’s passion for security compliance and data protection has led him to become an industry-recognized expert. He currently participates in the New York City Cyber Critical Services and Infrastructure (NYC CCSI) initiative representing the Hotel Association of New York (HANYC) and is a member of the SecureWorld Advisory Board for Dallas.

Frank joined Edge in 2012 as the Manager of Engineering and prior to joining Edge was the Senior Operations and Technology Manager at Archetype Computers.  His broad networking background includes responsibility for the design and planning, and implementation of complex customer networks including an emphasis on client/server applications, VOIP and security suites.