Do your IT teams have time to keep up with your network documentation?


Network Documentation Services

Improve operating efficiency and reduce downtimes by having the data to more quickly assess, diagnose, configure, and remediate.

Also, be prepared to readily provide documentation required for:

  • Audit requirements
  • M&A due diligence
  • Insurance coverage qualification
  • Takeovers/transition
  • Future project planning

Edge Engineers compile all pertinent network-related information and produce a comprehensive documentation set.

Our Network Documentation Services include: Core Network Servers Cybersecurity  Platforms Voice Data Center Desktop Hospitality WiFi Network Survey

Edge Essential

  • Detailed Network Diagrams
  • Device Inventories
  • Services Lists
  • Applications Lists
  • IPs/Scopes

Edge Complete

  • Detailed Logical Diagrams
  • Rackface Diagram
  • Software/Firmware/Patch Status
  • License Audit
  • 3rd Party Contract Detail

Edge Assessment

In addition to our Documentation Services, Edge engineering experts can provide an evaluation of the network environment and recommend changes or improvements based upon the gathered documentation and further diagnostics


  1. Customer provides any available relevant information
  2. Remote network access is established
  3. Edge may deploy a network scanning device to assist with information gathering
  4. Remote network access is removed
  5. An Edge Engineer will go onsite to perform discovery when necessary
  6. Edge will compile a documentation workbook to be shared and continually updated

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Cybersecurity Assessments

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